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Subject: Down to Earth Short StoryThe Xenoxians were thoroughly familiar with Mr. Welles' War Of The
Worlds. They had mastered all the fat underage porn
major languages spoken on earth and had
read every book ever written by human beings pertaining to space travel and
especially space invasions. In more than one account, earth's microbes had
conquered the invading armies. The Counsel of Ten had viewed several movie
versions of Mr. Welles' classic tale which they had pirated from electronic
gadgets on earth known as television receptors.For years they had tried to perfect a space suit which would filter out or
destroy the unseen creatures which killed. They had not had any success.
The Counsel was getting desperate. Every year, the atmosphere of Planet
Xenox grew thinner and thinner. In less than one thousand years, it would
not be sufficient to sustain life. Invasion of oxygen rich Earth was a
necessity to sustain Xenoxian civilization. Even though Xenoxians were well
known throughout the Universe for their war like ways, inter galactic
conquest was not the main stimulus to an invasion of Planet Earth. They
needed to invade Planet Earth to sustain their existence.Most of the Xenoxian food source was now extinct. The atmosphere could not
support the life of the lower animals. The Xenoxian diet now consisted
mostly of synthesized pills and water distilled from ice caps. This
situation created a surly lot, and there was little joy or laughter on the
planet.Little creatures called pentapods were once so plentiful on the planet that
they were classified as a nuisance. They became the mainstay of the
Xenoxian diet. Hundreds of recipes were created turning the small
creatures into soups and entrees. But as the atmosphere thinned, the
pentapods stopped reproducing and began to disappear. The Counsel rounded
up sexy underage nympets
as many as they could find, and preserved them in bubble rooms with
simulated atmospheres. However, although they increased in number, they
were not used for food anymore, but only for scientific research.The miracle which occurred was attributed to the pentapods. Scientists
successfully discovered a process whereby underage schoolgirls xxx they could reduce the entire
essence of a pentapod into a fine vapor. The vapor was captured in a
vacuum tube and infused into another pentapod. The donee had all the
attributes of itself, but it now had the donor's DNA. The best news dutch underage sex was
that when they injected a sample of earth's microbes, which they underage sex preview
simulated in a laboratory, into the vacuum containing the vapor, the
microbes could not survive.Then they took the body of a small, newly deceased child and released the
pentapod vapor into the child's lungs. virgins fucking underage Immediately the body came to life
and had the mentality and memory banks of the dead child but the DNA of the
pentapod. The mixed species was an abomination and was destroyed. It was
obvious that species could not be inter-mixed.Volunteers were plentiful for the first experiments involving the living
inhabitants of Xenox. They were to be paid in tasty food portions. The
first Xenoxian volunteer was vaporized, but the vapor dispersed before it
could be gallerie underage sealed in the vacuum. The scientists went back to the drawing
board and created a device to steer the vapor into the vacuum tube. Their
third attempt was successful.The vapor was forced into the lungs of a corpse of a teen ager and he
immediately revived. He had no memory of the volunteer Xenoxian, but he
became his old self albeit with the DNA of the volunteer. Every thought
and every memory was that of the teen ager who died. The newly resurrected
teenager was sent on his way to resume his life. His parents assumed that
The Source Of Life had performed a miracle and prayed to Him constantly,
thanking Him for the return of their son, who was really someone else.The next experiment involved infusing the vapor into a living Xenoxian.
Two totally different volunteers were chosen. The vaporized subject was a
male and the donee was a female. The results were astounding. The
appearance of the female was not changed at all. However, her psyche and
mental and physical capacities remained that of the original male volunteer
and her DNA was also that of the donor. She thought of herself as a male
Xenoxian. From this experiment they concluded that male vapor should
always be infused into a male recipient and a female donor's vapor into a
female recipient. The donee committed suicide shortly after the experiment
was completed.The experiment was repeated over and hentai underage over again but always male to male and
female to female. The results were consistent. The surviving body had the
DNA of the vaporized volunteer, but was, for all intent and purposes, the
same individual as before. The scientists were ecstatic. This was the
results they prayed for. They could invade every human being on earth and
they wouldn't even know that they had become Xenoxians. There was only one
question to be answered. How would the vapor react in an alien body?Xenox and Earth, had virtually, the same chemical composition. In addition
Earthlings and Xenoxians had evolved very similarly. The Counsel decided
to send a test capsule to earth. They would infuse one Earthling and
examine the results. They chose the strongest, most macho man's man in the
volunteer pool to be vaporized. His entire essence was contained in a
capsule the size of a thimble. The capsule was imbedded into a pellet to
be launched by a rocket and sent to Planet Earth at hyper-speed. The big
day arrived and Ixenta was rewarded with a fine meal of pentapods before
being vaporized.The intergalactic pellet took one earth year to arrive on Planet Earth. It
entered earth's atmosphere over the Island of Manhattan underage russian photos on a cool autumn
morning. It was the first relief from the summer heat and humidity that
New Yorkers had experienced in weeks. All over the city, the inhabitants
were enjoying the weather. Their windows were wide open to the glorious
sunny day.The pellet floated into an open bedroom window on the upper east side of
Manhattan and rested gently at the foot of the bed. Instruments on Xenox
detected the presence underage blonde of two male specimens in the area. The pellet was
released and the vapor was infused quickly into one of the specimens.John Manning awoke with a start. His body was on fire. He gasped and sat
up in bed, but almost immediately the burning sensation left him and he
felt normal again. He looked over at his lover who was snoring lightly and
still very much asleep. He knew that they had just finished a long session
of love making not an hour ago, but he was so horny, he wanted to cry. His
cock stood at full staff demanding attention.He turned his sleeping partner on his stomach and without any lubrication
or protection, he proceeded to rape him. It was fortunate that Sean was
still greasy and full of semen from their recent encounter, or he surely
would have been ripped apart. Sean cried out in great pain at first, but
as he got used to John's constant stroking, the pain changed to a feeling
of such joy as Sean had never before experienced."Fuck me," he yelled, "Don't stop." John was glad to obey orders. He came
over and over again. He was amazed at himself and lost count of his
numerous orgasms. Finally Sean had to push him off because the pleasure
was becoming pain again. John's erection remained for at least another ten
minutes. Xenoxian DNA index underage naked
was obviously quite different from human DNA."You were awesome," Sean underage ass tgp purred. "I'll never be able to match you. The
two men fell into each other's arms and began to kiss and fondle."I'm ready for more," John announced. Sean fainted.It's time, I guess, to tell you a little about the inhabitants of Xenox,
and I do mean a little. They did not practice recreational sex. When a
couple had sex, it was solely for the purpose of procreation, and they
didn't particularly enjoy it. However, it was the sacred duty of every
Xenox woman to reproduce at least two children if they were capable.
Xenoxians coupled only for that purpose, underage russian photos and thanked The Source Of All Life
that it was over and done with. In spite of that, homosexuality was
non-existent.Although sexual activity with the opposite sex was not underage drinking pictures
pleasurable, and
same sex unions were unheard of, their bodies were sex machines. They
could cum, man and women, repeatedly. To that end, every man and woman on
the planet spent the best part of every evening masturbating. They could
have orgasm after orgasm and still retain the need to have more. The
desire for sleep was the only thing that ended each nightly session.John now had the DNA of a Xenoxian, and the sexual urges of a healthy,
young human male homosexual. The combination made him into a human sex
machine, albeit, a homosexual machine. Work was impossible for him that
day. He went to the bathroom every fifteen minutes and whacked off several
times. Finally he said he was sick and left the office. He went to Eighth
Avenue in mid-town Manhattan and picked up a male hooker, whom he took home
with him. Sean was at work, but underage drinking pictures that didn't bother Ian at all.He threw the young prostitute on the bed and ripped his clothing off him.
"Hey mister," the lad said, "you better pay for those clothes." Ian
ignored the boy and proceeded to rape him repeatedly with no protection and
no lubrication. The boy fought him off at first, but finally passed out
and after John's fifth orgasm, he expired in a pool of blood. John was
unaware that he was fucking a corpse until he came for the ninth time. free underage sites By
then he was only partially satisfied and kindly decided to give the hooker
a rest, only to discover that the boy was dead.Without remorse, he dressed and went out to pick up another male
prostitute. When the second prostitute saw the dead boy still lying on
John's underage freesex party bed, he tried to run away, but he was not a match for John's new
found strength. John pushed the first boy off the bed and threw the second
on it. Again he ripped off his clothes and began repeatedly raping the
unfortunate young man. After John concluded several ass ripping orgasms,
the boy bled to death.When John was raping his third prostitute, Sean came home. John was
unaware of his presence, so lost in lust he was. Sean saw the two corpses
on the floor and the one on the bed looked dead to him also. The bed and
the room were bloodier than a chain saw movie. He almost vomited, but he
ran out of the apartment and called the police to report a triple homicide.The police arrived in a dutch underage sex
pretty short span of time. John was still fucking
away when they grabbed him and handcuffed him. They made him don a robe
and took him to the paddy wagon. He was booked without bond and locked up
in a psychiatric hospital.When any male nurse tried to minister to him, he would rip out his erect
cock and try to grab him. If any man was within his reach he would try to
pull down the man's trousers and suck his cock. One rash orderly let him
do it and lived to regret it. By the time he could tear himself free of
Ian, his cock was raw and bleeding.Finally poor John was bound in a straight jacket and put into a padded
cell. He cried repeatedly to be allowed to masturbate, but they would not
permit it. When he needed to pee, three burly men held him down and a
fourth pointed his hardening cock into a urinal. It was terribly sad. At
first Sean came to see him, but his animal like behavior sent Sean home
crying. After awhile Sean underage neked boy
stopped coming to the asylum, and eventually he
took a new lover.The powers that be at the institution were unaware that they had pronounced
a death sentence on John. When he was unable to orgasm, his DNA instructed
his cells to rebel. One by one his cells began to explode and die.
Rapidly his body was destroying itself and John died. The vapor which had
invaded his body tried to re-form itself and fat underage porn
seek a new body, but it could
not do so. It had already morphed into the cells and sinew of John
Manning, and it died with Ian.The scientists on Xenox had been studying the data for days. They
erroneously concluded that the invaded body was incapable of having sex
with members of the opposite sex. He could only have sex with a member of
his own sex and could not, therefore, procreate. When he did have sex with
a member of his own gender, he killed his partner, much like a black widow
spider. They decided to abandon Project Earth. At first it had seemed
like the miracle they had prayed for, but in the end underage schoolgirls xxx it was a curse that
didn't work, and the experiment had backfired badly.Eventually, they concluded that maybe the experiment failed because of the
human species themselves. They decided to try the experiment at least one
more time on a different species. They located a planet in a galaxy far,
far away and began to make plans for the invasion of a single pellet.Before starting the new experiment, they went to the Temple of gallerie underage The Source
Of All Life and prayed for the success of their project, and for the
survival of all Xenoxians.
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